Order #8965

Well its Wednesday and I got the hammock in the mail on monday. Coming home from work super excited and picking up a box I been long time excited to see, I was over excited and shaking so much I couldn’t contain myself. Lol amazingly I got the box opened with shakey hands. You were spot on with the feel of the hyperd fabric feeling nice. I pawed through and took deep breath and closed it back up trying not to rush and set it up, since I had to much going on and had to go back to work in few hours. Today was the day I got it out, set it up and took my first lay into it. An “I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!” no matter which way I roll, curl, flop it still is amazingly comfortable. An the ridgeline organizer and slings….AWESOME!! I can’t believe ive been missing out on this for so long. Im ecstatic, and glad i ran into yours and randy’s amazing passion for creating the best and most comfortable hammock ive ever layed in. I can not find the words to thank you enough. But…thank you so much. Hopefully this weekend brings the time to go out and spend a night or two in it. You guys done a amazing job and excellent workmanship. It could be in the future you may see me order again. Not for me, but for friends and family. Who knows maybe they will order amongs themself. Many thanks again to all at Dream Hammock. An to you too Deanna for your excellent customer service. 😉