Order #8325

I’m a large man, 6′-4″ 250 lbs, and I’ve spent the last couple of years trying to find the most comfortable hammock for me to sleep in while on multi night backpacking trips. I have four hammocks; a Sierra Madre Pares, a Warbonnet Blackbird XLC, a ENO Double Nest, and a custom 12 foot long Raven from Dream Hammock. The Raven is by FAR the most comfortable. The others don’t even compare. I refuse to sleep in the padres or the Double Nest, they don’t have a flat lay, not in the same league. The Blackbird XLC has a flat lay, but feels very small compared to the Raven. In the Blackbird I get some shoulder squeeze and my feet end up bumping against the bottom. The Raven feels like a king size bed, very spacious, very flat lay, amazingly comfortable.

If you are over say 6′-2″ tall order a 12 foot long Raven, you will not be disappointed. I will never buy a different hammock. Having already shopped around, the comfort I get in my Raven can not be topped in a gathered end hammock.