Order #8939

So I wanted to wait until I had used this hammock for at least a few months before I finally did a review. This is only my second owned hammock- the first one I got free through a work program and I fell in love and knew thereafter that tents were just not for me!- at least- when I was able to not have to go to ground. This came exactly as ordered and was much lighter than my generic hammock setup. I can keep everything in the double ended bag with no issues. The hammock sets up EXTREMELY easy and that was a must have for a fairly new hammocker. Watch a couple hammock setup videos and just do it! It takes time to get the hang just right, but it’s worth it for the best sleep you can get while being outdoors. I have been using it dang near weekly since it arrived in early August and have no complaints that can’t be fixed by changing the original order (such as a zipper on each side, etc). I also tend to sleep in this with my tubby Pomeranian Jango (16 lbs) and have had no issues with zippers catching or claws causing damage. I just did a visit to the Grand Canyon, Utah, Nevada, Arizona area 10 days ago and FINALLY found a spot I could put up a hammock in a state park (Valley of Fire, if you’re curious). The weather forecast was 0.09 inches of rain at most IF it rained and 0 wind. Lemme just say that the weather forecast should have been read as the exact opposite. It rained from 10pm until 8am and was so windy it blew over my partner’s tent and a lot of the camp was flooded. I failed to secure my tarp securely (thinking hey star views and what rain?) and ended up with a completely soggy rear end- but you know what?…..I was so comfortable in my Darien Dream Hammock that I stayed in it until morning. I was happier being completely rained through and comfortable than being on the ground- and so I stayed in it!. That is my review: )