My Freebird flew in this morning, a little late ( probably missed that right turn in Jacksonville), but very welcome.
When i opened the box and touched the fabric I just smiled. It feels so nice.
After removing the existing hammock, I hung my Freebird, inserted my Thermarest air mattress and tried it out.
I love it! I especially like the ridgeline. It helped me get properly set up.
It is just the right size. I love the feel of the fabric. I’m very happy with the colors.
Thank you very much for helping me to get the hammock I needed but didn’t know how to ask for. I appreciate all the help and over the top service given.


I received my Sparrow today ( #10213 ) and wanted to let y’all know how much I love this hammock . It is by far the most comfortable hammock I own. The craftsmanship and materials are top notch. It is everything I hoped for and more . Now Randy , on a personal note I want to say thank you for all your help with this hammock . The kind advice you gave me on length , width, and especially the fabric to use after I explained about my arthritis was spot on ! Y’all have given camping back to me with this hammock . Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Sincerely. 


It’s been at least three years and I still LOVE my hammock!


Purchased online Wednesday night, was shipped out with tracking # the next day!! Received it that Tuesday. I was so excited, I had to hang it it my backyard, 94 degrees at midnight or not! I just woke up and had to write this review. Very happy with my purchase and thankful for the communication and fast order process. Kind of glad the long lead times, made me pull the trigger on a ready to ship hammock or I wouldn’t be hanging already! I’ll be a returning customer no doubt


Just recieved my RTS Darien. I am awe struck by the quality and the comfort.
Yup come this winter I think I will be ordering a custom sparrow. Not that the Darien isn’t good enough, but because off the shelf was so good I want one built exactly to my specs😎


 I always feel like an important customer when I buy from you.  Great buying experience.  I would feel guilty buying from anywhere else.

Thanks again for the special help!
You Rock!!


 I ordered a spare Darien for last weeks hiking trip and was thoroughly impressed and never sleep so good in a hammock.  Definitely a step above other hammocks on the market.


Just like to tell you guys that after about a year of use my dream hammock has performed flawlessly and I could not imagine a lot of my trips without this hammock. Thank you guys so much for an awesome hammock. Order #8152


Hey there! I just wanted to let you know that in 2019 I used a dream hammock all 2650 miles of the PCT! I didn’t spend a single night in a tent. I certainly used the hammock as a bivy a few times, but that didn’t seem to affect the durability. The hammock held up great! It even had a tree fall on in. There is a pretty big hole in the net from a mice invasion but that was my own fault for hanging my food in my hammock. One product I would love to see is fanny pack designed to hang from the ridge line or clip onto the side of the hammock. That would be legit! I would also love for an easy way to hang my backpack under the hammock. Anyways, thanks for a great product!



Order #9419

O my god it’s perfect! I love it so much! You guys do an absolutely phenomenal job. Thank you for being such an amazing company that puts out such an amazing product. This will not be the last time I do business with you folks, and I will absolutely recommend you to everyone I know. And thank you for working with me on the shipping and keeping it until I got home from our deployment. You guys are great. Until next time!



Order #9713

Thank you! It showed up today and I just had to set it up, it is amazing. You guys rock!



Order #9580

WOW….you have no idea how excited I am. You all have an awesome crew and wonderful to do business with. Thanks so much and for keeping me posted.



Order #9547

My Sparrow arrived today!!!! I am beyond happy with the finished product. I set it up in the back yard today to 1.) Drool over it, 2.) get some weights with different configurations, and 3.) test it out. The quality and attention to detail is beyond my wildest expectations. Thanks you for helping me through the journey of ordering my first “custom” piece of gear. Worth every penny!



Just got my Sparrow in the mail. This hammock is every bit as comfortable as everyone has claimed. I opted for the RTS as I have a trip coming up and didn’t want to risk not having it in time. It’s perfect just the way it is and I’d likely have gone mad trying to figure out what to get with all the great custom options they offer. The quality and attention to detail is absolutely amazing. I highly recommend Dream Hammock and would definitely buy from them again.



Order #6106

We had a great night in the DH Raven in the UK last night -2C and 30mph winds.



Order #8939

So I wanted to wait until I had used this hammock for at least a few months before I finally did a review. This is only my second owned hammock- the first one I got free through a work program and I fell in love and knew thereafter that tents were just not for me!- at least- when I was able to not have to go to ground. This came exactly as ordered and was much lighter than my generic hammock setup. I can keep everything in the double ended bag with no issues. The hammock sets up EXTREMELY easy and that was a must have for a fairly new hammocker. Watch a couple hammock setup videos and just do it! It takes time to get the hang just right, but it’s worth it for the best sleep you can get while being outdoors. I have been using it dang near weekly since it arrived in early August and have no complaints that can’t be fixed by changing the original order (such as a zipper on each side, etc). I also tend to sleep in this with my tubby Pomeranian Jango (16 lbs) and have had no issues with zippers catching or claws causing damage. I just did a visit to the Grand Canyon, Utah, Nevada, Arizona area 10 days ago and FINALLY found a spot I could put up a hammock in a state park (Valley of Fire, if you’re curious). The weather forecast was 0.09 inches of rain at most IF it rained and 0 wind. Lemme just say that the weather forecast should have been read as the exact opposite. It rained from 10pm until 8am and was so windy it blew over my partner’s tent and a lot of the camp was flooded. I failed to secure my tarp securely (thinking hey star views and what rain?) and ended up with a completely soggy rear end- but you know what?…..I was so comfortable in my Darien Dream Hammock that I stayed in it until morning. I was happier being completely rained through and comfortable than being on the ground- and so I stayed in it!. That is my review: )



Order #8965

Well its Wednesday and I got the hammock in the mail on monday. Coming home from work super excited and picking up a box I been long time excited to see, I was over excited and shaking so much I couldn’t contain myself. Lol amazingly I got the box opened with shakey hands. You were spot on with the feel of the hyperd fabric feeling nice. I pawed through and took deep breath and closed it back up trying not to rush and set it up, since I had to much going on and had to go back to work in few hours. Today was the day I got it out, set it up and took my first lay into it. An “I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!” no matter which way I roll, curl, flop it still is amazingly comfortable. An the ridgeline organizer and slings….AWESOME!! I can’t believe ive been missing out on this for so long. Im ecstatic, and glad i ran into yours and randy’s amazing passion for creating the best and most comfortable hammock ive ever layed in. I can not find the words to thank you enough. But…thank you so much. Hopefully this weekend brings the time to go out and spend a night or two in it. You guys done a amazing job and excellent workmanship. It could be in the future you may see me order again. Not for me, but for friends and family. Who knows maybe they will order amongs themself. Many thanks again to all at Dream Hammock. An to you too Deanna for your excellent customer service. 😉



Order #8325

I’m a large man, 6′-4″ 250 lbs, and I’ve spent the last couple of years trying to find the most comfortable hammock for me to sleep in while on multi night backpacking trips. I have four hammocks; a Sierra Madre Pares, a Warbonnet Blackbird XLC, a ENO Double Nest, and a custom 12 foot long Raven from Dream Hammock. The Raven is by FAR the most comfortable. The others don’t even compare. I refuse to sleep in the padres or the Double Nest, they don’t have a flat lay, not in the same league. The Blackbird XLC has a flat lay, but feels very small compared to the Raven. In the Blackbird I get some shoulder squeeze and my feet end up bumping against the bottom. The Raven feels like a king size bed, very spacious, very flat lay, amazingly comfortable.

If you are over say 6′-2″ tall order a 12 foot long Raven, you will not be disappointed. I will never buy a different hammock. Having already shopped around, the comfort I get in my Raven can not be topped in a gathered end hammock.



Order #8983

Sparrow 1.7oz MTN XL Hybrid (Wide as Possible, Bug Net Only, UQ Hooks and Pull Outs, Whoopie Slings)

1. Luxurious and spacious
2. 1.7 MTN fabric is comfortable and has enough grip to it that is not overpowering but will not let you slide down like other hammocks
3. Bug net will not let bugs in and does not bunch up when you lay in the hammock
4. Ridgeline is made short but increases comfortability
5. Even when the ridgeline is strung up tight, it gives incredible sleep comfort
6. Plenty of pull outs that are well sewn into the hammock
7. Pull out hooks are big enough for larger shock cords but not bulky to add a lot of weight
8. Whoopie slings are of great quality
9. Peak shelf is large and can fit a top quilt, phone, and a 1L water bottle with ease
10. I have experienced no calf ridge in any position I have laid in
11. The team at dream hammock are masters of their trade. Perfect sewing.
12. Price is low considering what you get
13. Not to do with the hammock but the customer service was quick and helpful even when their personal lives became chaotic.

1. None in relation to the hammock. The hammock is near perfect and if I ever wear my hammock out and buy a new one, the only thing I would change is the recommended parts below. You can not go wrong buying this hammock!

What I Know Now but Wish I Knew Before Purchase:
1. When you order and you get the “wide as possible” option please understand that you will have to use the pull outs. If you do not and you bend your legs “sleeping sideways” you will have fabric sag. With the sag it does get annoying. However, getting the wide as possible 74” version is highly recommended. It gives you plenty of option for comfort and is worth the extra weight.
2. If you get pull outs or UQ hooks I’d recommend paying the extra money to have matching thread. When the pull outs or UQ hooks are sewn in, the color does go through SLIGHTLY and you can see the color from the inside of the hammock.
3. When deciding what you need for storage I would suggest you get two types of storage. Although the peak shelf is large it would be nice to have a second storage option like the storage pockets. Mostly for organization and keeping items close by when you sleep like your phone or light.
4. When you buy the zipper pulls be prepared to get semi-aggravated. Although the zipper pulls look amazing and add character, I’d recommend removing the outside pulls form the zipper. When I zip the bug net closed the outside pulls want to come inside and block the zipper from closing all the way. Although there is a small flap of fabric that helps with keeping bugs out, some may be skeptical.

1. Please understand that the above is my review and personal preferences. Although something might work with me or against me, does not mean that it will be the same for you. So please do you and buy what you believe will work best for you.
2. Understand that the above list I have made for changes I would make, is only nitpicking and are in no way true cons. My only reasoning for writing them is to hopefully help others with picking what they want from this hammock.
3. When I have started writing this review, I am assuming that most people reading this has been hammocking for some time and are familiar with other cottage brands. As a person with a few different brands such as Warbonnet, I can testify that this is THE most comfortable hammock I own and do not see myself changing my hammock out any time soon.
4. I have been using this hammock for a little over a week and have about 20 hours of lay time in it. I do plan to update this review in a year and let you know my true feelings about this hammock after extended use.

Short Summary
Comfort   9/10
Fabric texture   8.75/10
Sleep   9.5/10
Customization   10/10
Durability   Undetermined/10