Peak Bag (each)

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Our Peak Bag is a great way to add a little more storage inside your hammock. These attach up in the peak of the hammock and do not affect the lay or comfort at all. They're handy for storing your insect netting, extra clothing, rain gear, etc. You can add one to either end of your hammock or get 2 and have a Peak bag at both ends. Each Peak bag comes with a shock cord closure and a small shock cord loop for installing onto the hammocks suspension.

Note - The Sparrow, ThunderBird & DangerBird already come with a Peak Bag for the net and a Peak Bag for the overcover. If you order one of these hammocks "Net Only", you can certainly purchase another one and we'll install it on your hammock. The Darien and FreeBird hammocks do not come standard with a Peak Bag, but if you order one or two Peak Bags, we will gladly install them when we build your hammock.

Size: 9" wide x 9" tall

Fabric: .9oz Noseeum, Black

Closure: Shock cord with mitten hook

Weight: .25 oz or 7 grams

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