Overcover Only
Length: 11ft
Wide As Possible
Layers: Single
Outside: 1.2oz MTN-XL Charcoal Grey
Overcover: OutdoorINK Geocam Winter
Lay Direction: Right 

Continuous Loop: Head-Black Foot-Silver
Gear/Hand Loop: Head End
UQ Hook: Black Reflective

Ridgeline Organizer
Open Top Pocket
Peak Shelf
Stuff Sack: Geocam Winter

Zipper Hoods: Black
Zipper Pulls: Black Reflective

01-05-2021: Order Placed AW

Final weight = 22.25oz


Length: 11ft
Width: 67
Layers: Single
Outside: 1.6oz HyperD-XL Black
Overcover: OutdoorINK Geocam Tundra Grayscale
Overcover Vent: Side Like 4969
Asym Lay: Right

Continuous Loops
UQ Hooks: Gray
Tie Out Hooks: Gray

Zipper Hoods: Charcoal Gray
Top Stitching: Gray
Zipper Pulls: Gray

Gear Sling: HD Black/Geocam If Available

UGQ Winterdream 12 Tarp
Add-Ons: 4 Panel Pulls
20D Silpoly Colors: Charcoal Gray

08-24-2017: Order Placed NS
08-24-2017: Add Custom Vent
08-31-2017: CB To CL/Refund Issued
09-02-2017: Add OutdoorINK OC (5966)
09-02-2017: GS In Geocam/Black
09-10-2017: Change Fabric and Width (6000)

Final weight = 29.05oz