Length: 11ft
Width: As Wide As Possible
Layers: Double
Outside: 2.2oz Hex70 Charcoal Gray
Inside: 1.6oz HyperD XL Burnt Orange
Overcover: 1.1oz Ripstop Nylon Black
Lay Direction: Symmetrical

Cinch Buckles: Head-Orange Foot-Black
Tree Straps: 6ft
Tie Out Hooks
UQ Hooks

Peak Shelf
Zip Top Pocket
Stuff Sack: Charcoal Gray-Burnt Orange

Zipper Hoods: Burnt Orange
Zipper Pulls: Orange

12KN Carabiners: 1 Black, 1 Orange
Micro-Carabiners: 6
Tent Stakes: 4  7inch
Extra Peak Bag

04-15-2020: Order Placed JW
04-21-2020: Changed Width and Outside Fabric
04-21-2020: Removed RLO
04-23-2020: Changed Inside Fabric to XL
04-23-2020: Added UQ Hooks, Tree Straps, Peak Shelf, Peak Bag
04-23-2020: Added ZT Pocket, 2 Color Stuff Sack, Zipper Hoods, Zipper Pulls
04-23-2020: Added Colored Amsteel, Micro-Carabiners

Final weight = 57.20oz