Length: 11ft
Width: 64
Layers: Single
Outside: 1.6oz HyperD XL Moroccan Blue
Zipper: #3 Coil
Lay Direction: Left

Ridgeline: Orange
Continuous Loop: Head-Orange Foor-Green
Tree Straps: 6ft
Tie Out Hooks: Orange
UQ Hooks: Orange

Zipper Pulls: Orange

Ridgeline Organizer

Head At Zipper

Ship HTH with order

03-02-2020: Order Placed JP
03-03-2020: Added UQ Hooks And RLO #9760
03-04-2020: Changed Fabric to HD XL
03-04-2020: Changed Fabric Color
03-04-2020: Changed Model to Darien
03-04-2020: Added Colored Accents
03-05-2020: Added ZP
04-16-2020: Add HTH

Final weight = 20.80oz