Length: 11ft
Width: 68
Layers: Double
Outside: 1.2oz MTN-XL Charcoal Gray
Inside: 1.6oz HyperD-XL Charcoal Gray
Overcover: 1.2oz MTN-XL Charcoal Gray
Overcover Vent: #6617 Straight Across
Lay Direction: Symmetrical

Continuous Loop
UQ Hooks: Lime
Tie Out Hooks: Lime

Zipper Hoods: Lime
Zipper Pulls: Lime

8 Tent Stakes: Staple-Already Sent With #6876

Gear Sling: 1.2oz Gray

03-22-2018: Order Place CT
04-13-2018: Staples Sent With #6876

Final weight = 38.25oz