Net Only
Length: 11ft
Width: 72

Outside: 1.7oz MTN XL, Coyote Brown
Inside: 1.7oz MTN XL, Coyote Brown
Right Lay 

Continuous Loop
TO Hooks
UQ Hooks

Zipper Pulls: Black

Ridgeline Organizer
Removable Peak Shelf
Sleeve Sack: Olive Sleeve/Black Sack
Mini Carabiner

04-05-2021: Order Placed CW
04-05-2021: Add TO/UQ Hooks-11716
04-07-2021: Added Zipper Pulls-11725
04-10-2021: Add 12ft SS-11715/11743
04-27-2021: Change to 11ft-Refund Issued
05-13-2021: Add R Peak Shelf-11895
05-20-2021: Shipped

Final weight = 38.10oz