Length: 12ft
Width: 72
Single Layer
Outside: 1.6oz HyperD XL Black

Overcover: OutdoorINK Leaves – Aqua
Net: Monolite Black
OC Vent: Side Vent-As Right Lay
Lay Direction: Symmetrical

Continuous Loops 
Gear Loops: Both Ends
UQ Hooks
TO Hooks

Zipper Hoods: OutdoorINK Leaves – Aqua
Top Stitching: Hunter Green

Zipper Pulls: Black

Open Top Pocket
Gear Sling
: OutdoorINK Leaves – Aqua 
Pillow Hook: Shock Cord
Micro Carabiner: 8

Underquilt Protector 
Hammock Length: 12ft 
Fabric: 1.6oz HyperD-XL
Top Stitching: Hunter
Fabric Color: Black
Tie Out and UQ Loops: Yes
Stuff Sack: No

Send Shipping Invoice-See Note

11-30-2020: Order Placed BW
12-02-2020: OutdoorINK OC/GS-12ft UQP #11254
02-03-2021: Change Net To Monolite/ZH-Leaves Aqua

Final weight = 52.45oz