Length: 10ft
Width: 62
Layers: Single
Outside: 1.2oz MTN-XL Burnt Orange
Zipper Size: #5 Coil
Lay Direction: Right

Cinch Buckle: Head-Yellow  Foot-Silver
Tree Straps: 10ft
UQ Hooks
TO Hooks

Zipper Pulls: Blue

Zipper Top Pocket
Stuff Sack: Burnt Orange

Underquilt Protector
Length: 10ft
Fabric: 1.2oz MTN Charcoal Gray
Tie Out and UQ Loops: Yes
Stuff Sack: Yes

Head At Zipper

11-27-2020: Order Placed SZ
11-29-2020: Changed UQP Fabric-11228

Final weight (Hammock) = 21.15oz
Final weight (UQP) = 8.55oz