Length: 11ft
Width: Wide As Possible
Layers: Double
Outside: 1.6oz HyperD-XL Dark Olive
Inside: 1.6oz HyperD XL Moroccan Blue
Net: 1.0oz Monolite Ripstop
Zipper Size: #5 Coil
Lay Direction: Right

Continuous Loop: Head-Red  Foot-Silver
UQ Hooks: Blue
TO Hooks: Blue

Top Stitching: Yellow
Zipper Pulls: Purple

Ridgeline Organizer
Zipper Top Pocket
Stuff Sack: Moroccan Blue

Feet At Zipper

11-27-2020: Order Placed RT
11-28-2020: Changed IL to HD XL-11221
12-02-2020: Changed IL Fabric/Stuff Sack Color

Final weight = 34.20oz