Length: 10ft
Width: Wide As Possible
Layers: Single
Outside: Omnicolor Pantone 267C
Overcover: Omnicolor Pantone 339C
Lay Direction: Right

Continuous Loop
UQ Hooks: Pink
TO Hooks: Pink

Zipper Hoods: Pantone 806C
Top Stitching: Pink
Zipper Pulls: Pink

Ridgeline Organizer
2 Color Stuff Sack: Pantone 339C – Pantone 267C

Carabiner: 1 Black

Ship With Order #10978
Refund Excess Shipping

10-06-2020: Order Placed DM
10-06-2020: Paid for 806C #10996
11-25-2020: Added Overcover #11176
11-25-2020: Refund Issued For Excess Shipping

Final weight = 28.50oz