Length: 11ft
Width: Wide As Possible
Layers: Double
Outside: OutdoorINK Flecktarn Original
Inside: OutdoorINK Flecktarn Original
Overcover: OutdoorINK Flecktarn Original
Lay Direction: Symmetrical

Continuous Loop
Tree Straps: 6ft Camo
Tree Straps: 10ft Camo
Tree Straps: 15ft Camo
UQ Hooks
TO Hooks
Gear Loops: Both Ends

Ridgeline Organizer
Ridgeline Gun Pocket
Gear Hammock: 1.1oz Woodland Camo

Extra: Continuous Loops: 2 Pair
Extra: Cinch Buckles: 2 Pair
Extra: Gear Loops: 2

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09-02-2020: Order Placed JP

Final weight = 45.25oz