Length: 11ft
Width: Wide As Possible
Layers: Single
Outside: 1.6oz HyperD Foliage
Overcover: 1.6oz HyperD Foliage
OC Vent: Head-Foot Peak Vent
Lay Direction: Right

Cinch Buckle
Tree Straps: 15ft
UQ Hooks
TO Hooks

Ridgeline Organizer
Ridgeline Sling: Foliage
Peak Shelf

12KN Carabiners: 2

08-19-2020: Order Placed SW
08-20-2020: Removed Peak Bag-Refund Issued
08-24-2020: Added TO Hooks-10783
10-03-2020: Change Fabric Color

Final weight = 39.65oz