Length: 11ft
Width: Wide As Possible
Layers: Single
Outside: 1.7oz MTN-XL Royal Purple
Zipper Size: #5 Coil
Asym Lay: Right

Continuous Loop
UQ Hooks
Tie Out Hooks

Peak Shelf
Gear Sling:1.7oz MTN-XL Royal PurpleĀ 

12K Carabiner: 2 BlackĀ 

Feet At Zipper

Ship With Order #10099
Refund Excess Shipping

05-19-2020: Order Placed DP
05-20-2020: Added Gear Sling and Carabiners #10102-Refund Issued
05-26-2020: Upgraded to #5 Zipper #10162

Final weight = 22.35oz