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Length: 11ft
Wide As Possible
Layers: Double
Outside: 1.6oz HyperD-XL Black
Inside: 1.6oz HyperD-XL Olive Yellow
Overcover: OutdoorINK Futhark’s Forest Bright Green
Lay: Symmetrical 

Cinch Buckle: Head-Green Foot-Silver
Gear/Hand Loop: Head
UQ Hook: Neon Green
TO Hooks: Neon Green

Zipper Hoods: Futhark’s Forest Bright Green 
Zipper Pulls: Neon Green

Peak Shelf
Open Top Pocket
Gear Sling: Hex Olive Yellow
Ridgeline Gun Pocket

Gear Hammock: OutdoorINK Futhark’s Forest Bright Green 

See Note

02-07-2021: Order Placed MR
02-08-2021: Add IL/HDXL/PS-11468
02-12-2021: Change RLS to GH/Add Colored Amsteel-11481
02-25-2021: Add OutdoorINK to GH-11534