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Installing a ridgeline on your hammock allows you to maintain a specific amount of sag each and every time you set up your hammock. It can be installed or removed easily by threading your suspension through the spliced eyes in the ridgeline.

Please specify your hammock length and we will make it approx 83% of your hammock length.

Or, if you prefer a custom ridgeline length, please enter a length in the measurement field.

Material: Amsteel 7/64
Rating: 1600 lb. avg strength
Weight: 100" = ___ 110" = ___

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 I ordered a spare Darien for last weeks hiking trip and was thoroughly impressed and never sleep so good in a hammock.  Definitely a step above other hammocks on the market.


Just like to tell you guys that after about a year of use my dream hammock has performed flawlessly and I could not imagine a lot of my trips without this hammock. Thank you guys so much for an awesome hammock. Order #8152


Hey there! I just wanted to let you know that in 2019 I used a dream hammock all 2650 miles of the PCT! I didn’t spend a single night in a tent. I certainly used the hammock as a bivy a few times, but that didn’t seem to affect the durability. The hammock held up […]